Opportunity in Adversity

Nobody wants things to go wrong in their life of course and right now a lot of people have had to endure some awful circumstances that are truly heartbreaking.

One thing I have found to consistently be the case when experiencing adversity in my own life is that it shows you who shows up and who fades away. In some circumstances it can give you the freedom to make choices free from the pressures of living a life that whilst comfortable, is not one that in your heart of hearts you really feel happy in.

Sometimes the fact that the only way is up (in the words of the song, who sung that then can you remember or as I am knocking on a bit, were you born haha), gives you the opportunity to take what would have been risky choices before whatever knocked you down happened.

I’ve lived with material trappings and lost them all and I found there was a real freedom in being released from the pressure of trying to keep everything going because that was the known, rather than an unknown future.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not nice to be skint, particularly if you have people depending on you and debt collectors knocking on the door but my experience has been that the people who value you for who you are, not what you can do for them, will carry you with strength and good humour though the tough times and when you come out of the other side and things get better you know who you want in your circle and who to wish well and wave off.

Helping and being helped is what makes any community special and adversity as we have seen strips everything back to what really matters; spending your days with good people, having food to eat, water to drink and being healthy.

Onwards and upwards.