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As we all collectively go blinking into the Sun, here is some food for thought from the ICO around Covid and Data Privacy consideration that I think is a really useful read;


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Opportunity in Adversity

Nobody wants things to go wrong in their life of course and right now a lot of people have had to endure some awful circumstances that are truly heartbreaking. One thing I have found to consistently be the case when experiencing adversity in my own life is that it shows you who shows up and who fades away. In some […]

I’ll Do It Later…

I am, by default, a Procrastinator; I put off this blog post being a case in point! As with all default traits, it will always be part of who I am I just need to make sure it doesn’t get to run rampant through my day such that I get nowhere fast. I’ve found some things that work really well […]


It’s a strange old time we are living through and (so far, fingers crossed) I have been one of the very fortunate ones not to have been seriously affected financially or medically by the lockdown. If you are struggling with things mentally it’s ok, pretty much everyone is, certainly everyone I have spoken to, I have up and down days […]

What Do You Think?….

This week I have been tasked with both giving and receiving feedback. What do you think is easier, giving or receiving feedback? It’s very easy to get it wrong (really wrong) and receive it badly too. Words are incredibly powerful and can have a lasting impact (negatively or positively) depending upon what words are used and when they are heard. […]

Keeping On Those Toes..

Nothing like some competition to give complacency a kick and make organisations (and individuals) up their game. All products and companies have things that are unique to them but it does no harm to have a company ‘Zoom’ in and mix things up a bit…Check this article out from The Verge.

Staying Safe – Working From Home

So much, so much chatter around what are the best tools to use when working from home, what will work best for our circumstances, what is the most secure, what is the best scarf for hiding the Turkey neck of a middle-aged menopausal lady (well that’s just me asking to be fair) The ICO has some good information on working […]

My Podcast Debut

I was lucky enough to be interviewed in 2019 by CIMA as part of their ‘Go Beyond Disruption’ Podcast series. It was good to have the opportunity to discuss my passions and look forward to doing more 🙂 Podcast Recording