Hello? Is this thing on?….

I only planned a few weeks break from my weekly update in July and here we are in October, blimey! I would love to say that I have been away meditating in a Yurt at some retreat and return well rested however I have in fact been working throughout the Summer so I’ll have to park the Yurt idea until 2022.

I have lots to tell and share with you but rather than give you the worlds longest Blog I’ll focus on one bit until the next one 👍

1. Webinars – there’s been a few and regular readers may have likely attended some. I’ve recently done Excel (Best Bits) and have got ‘Singalong a Pivot Table’ coming up as well as ‘Microsoft 365 – What’s In The Box!’.

I’ll be scheduling some Webinar ‘shorts’ soon, 30 minute walkthrough’s of a variety of Apps and Data Privacy and Security topics. 

What would be your favourite 30 minute ‘short’ as I’ll be recording them and likely uploading them to my YouTube channel as well once I’ve given that a dusting down as well so that you can subscribe and not miss any of the future content we are currently planning.

I say we because I’m no longer Billy no mates, the lovely Dawn Sproat has joined me as Business Manager as things are starting to get busier and it’s too much for one person now, especially as I’ve got quite a significant gig on the horizon but can’t tell you any more at the moment! She also runs her own business called Bodyworks, but more about that another time.

Hope all is well with you and yours, here’s a quick run down of what Summer 2021 looked like for me;

  • Lots of Excel (love it)
  • Microsoft Project training (also love it)
  • Using Microsoft Sway to send Newsletters
  • Setting up a fair few SharePoint Online sites
  • Dipping my toe further into the waters of Power Platform (love that too!)
  • Topping it off with an ISO 9001/27001 implementation project (certification awarded very happy about that!)


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