So Many Questions…

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What if…

Control; who should have it and who shouldn’t… Hello Folks, here we are on another Thursday, it’s cold but sunny and looking promising for the weekend so let’s keep those fingers crossed! Are you either the go-to person in the office for all things computery software applications or do you have a go-to person in the office that everyone goes […]

AskMrsWatson’s How-To’s

Heylo Folks, here is this week’s… AskMrsWatson’s How-To’s!  As we are all able to visit the pub again (albeit wrapped up warm), I thought this week I would revisit some ‘Excel Quiz Facts’ that might save you from the fate of those in the media who have suffered the fallout of not knowing said Excel quiz facts… This How-To will cover […]

Well that didn’t go as planned…

Adapting when things change is a skill worth cultivating. Hello Folks, so here we are another week done and another step further towards our new normal. I am writing AskMrsWatsonNews this week using speech recognition as when making breakfast on Thursday morning I had an altercation with a tin can and lost. Considering that whilst a quite deep cut on […]

Seek and Yee Shall Find..Doing nothing is not an option..

Hello, hope you have had a good and if you are in the UK, short, week. During the course of my work I come across many instances where companies require me to help them with the data protection element of their due diligence when looking to engage suppliers, particularly if its in relation to a bid on a significant contract and […]

A Year of AskMrsWatsonNews!

Hello Folks,  this was definitely a ‘blink and you missed it’ week! It’s been lovely and bright here in the North East UK but oh my days how cold though!! It’s also been a year since I jumped into using Mailchimp for the weekly newsletter and nearly a year for my other two weekly mailings (the weekly ‘How-To’ and The […]


1. Why is a New Excel Workbook called ‘Book1’?2. How do I avoid losing 3 years of my life looking for the ends of a worksheet?3. Excel Oh Excel, how many are the ways I save thee Why IS a New Excel Workbook called Book1? OK, every Office document, not just Excel, has something called a ‘Normal’ Template.This means every time you open […]